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Welcome To The SOHB

Sohb Education Welfare Society (SEWS) was founded in the year 1997 by a group of young volunteers and was registered in 2000 under the Ordinance 1860. It has been a registered local organization for development purposes that has its headquarters in Lasbella, Balochistan. SEWS is a non-governmental, non-profitable, non-organizational and non-religious firm that was established on 20th May, 1997. This organization is currently working on education, mobilization, livelihood, poverty alleviation, health and empowerment by entering into collaboration with both international and national donors such as AHAN, BEF, ADP, WHO, ILP, PALMAN JSI-USAID, TSU-PIDSA and NATPOW.

SEWS is undertaking various fruitful initiatives by getting involved in projects that will promote the capacity building capabilities of the stakeholders. The main aim of the organization is to improve the infrastructure of the community by developing excellent education centres, Research Centre for development of the particular skills and Skill Development Centre. The Research Centre was inaugurated with the purpose of providing skill improvement facilities to the teachers and service providers. SEWS purchased 514 square yards land in Tehsil Hub near Akram Colony.

In order to accomplish its mission, SEWS has developed a team of qualified and professional members that has about 184 people as volunteers who are working in a diverse range of areas in the respective district, Lasbella, for successful accomplishment of the organizational aims along with the supporting partners. The management is trying to eradicate the level of poverty by encouraging the low income communities to participate in such projects.

All of the SEWS programs are targeted to providing effective service to the people irrespective of discrimination on the basis of gender, race or religion. The programming approach of the organization is to foster assistance in the long-term sustainable change in the communities by ensuring appropriate application of the holistic and integrated approach that is focused on the political and socio-economic empowerment. The main focus of NRDP is on community empowerment so that the participatory programs can be designed to enable the communities in effective identification, planning and implementation of their own developmental programs.

In between the period of 1997-2013, SEWS has trained more than 1,930 females in a wide range of skill training programs such as computer training, training in embroidery and cutting, handcraft training, Adda work training, Mosaic training and Fabric training. The company is aiming to develop the orientation programs for Parents Education Committee, Community Health Groups, Community Health worker and CBOs member Local Representative TBAs.

CEO Message

ceoIn order to make the society a well-developed and excellent place for living, both highly skilled and semi-skilled people can make valuable contribution.

However, for the unskilled professionals who lack certain qualification standards can also be an integral part of the community related work. Read More...


  • Qualified Staff (SEWS) has developed a team of qualified and professional members that has about 184 people as volunteers.
  • Educational Walfare (SEWS) Thousands of poor children in the area especially girls are acquiring the basic primary and middle level education from this school.
  • Health Walfare (SEWS) Sohb undertook the initiative of developing collaborations with NATPOW society and PAIMAN-JSI-USAID for providing a wide range of health facilities to Tehsil Hub.
  • Mobilization (SEWS) This sector has strength of about one hundred and fifty-eight villages in Tehsil Hub that is creating awareness about the issues related to health, livelihood and education of the people (SOHB).
  • Empowerment (SEWS) The organization has undertaken various vocational training and empowerment projects to help the people of Lasbella in enhancing the family’s standard of living (SOHB).
  • Livelihood (SEWS) has ensured that they allow the residents to unleash their potential and enhance the standards of living by attending the relevant training programs (SOHB).

Capacity of the Organization

SWES has its office at Hub and it has an implementation team that comprises of thirteen members who are both male and female. So far, the organization has worked in about 185 villages of District Lasbella. The area has total population of about 200,000 and all of them are covered under the operations of SWES in the district. All of the organization’s services are well-reputed in the community and the people highly appreciate the initiatives undertaken by the company for the welfare of the District people.

The key factors that make the organization stand out from other NGO firm are as follows:

1. A highly competent, strongly motivated and socially passionate volunteers and technical staff willing to make valuable contribution in the society.

2. Effectively integrated and well-coordinated collaborations with national and international bodies.

3. Strong trust with the community people and extended transparency within the projects.

4. Clarity of vision and focus towards the projects that have to be undertaken for enhancement of the well-being of people.

5. Efficient allocation of resources in projects that will improve the basic necessities of people such as education, livelihood, housing, health and standard of living.


Address : Office Akram Colony Hub, P.O Box code : 90250 Hub, District Lasbela Balochistan. Pakistan

Contact : 0853363172,

E-mail : info@Sohb.org






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